About Uganda

Uganda is an elegant adventure from the moment you land at Entebbe’s modern and efficient international airport, with its breathtaking equatorial location on the forest shore of island-strewn Lake Victoria, it is clear that Uganda is no ordinary safari destination. Dominated by an expansive golf course leading down to the lake shore, and a century –old botanical garden alive with the chatter of acrobatic monkeys and colorful tropical birds, Entebbe itself is the obviously urban of all comparably sized African towns. Then, just 40km distant, sprawled across seven hills there is the Kampala. The bright modern feel of this bustling, cosmopolitan city reflects the ongoing economic growth and political stability that has characterized Uganda since 1986, and is complemented by the sloping spaciousness and runaway greenery of its green setting.


Uganda is GMT +3 hrs.

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS: 111 districts across four administrative regions.

AREA: 93,065 sq km ( land: 76,101 sq km, water 16,965 sq km)

BORDERS: 2,698 km ( Democratic Republic of Congo 765km, Kenya 933km, Rwanda 169km, Sudan 435km, Tanzania 396km) or 1,676 miles.

BANKING HOURS: Mon to Fri 8.30 am to 6.00 pm; Sat 9.00 am to 4.00pm

BUSINESS HOURS: Mon to Fri 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

CAPITAL: Kampala

CLIMATE: Tropical, rainy seasons, March to May, and September to November; dry seasons, December to February and mid June to mid August. Mean annual temperatures range from about 16 C ( 61 F) in the southwestern highlands to 25 C (77 F ) in the northwest; but in the north east, temperatures exceed 30 C ( 80 F) about 254 days per year.

CURRENCY: The shilling ( UGX).

ELEVATIONS: HIGHEST point ; margherita peak on mount Stanley at 5,110 metres.

ETHNIC GROUPS: Buganda, iteso, Basoga, Banyankole, Banyarwanda, Bakiga, Lango ,Acholi, Lugbara, Banyoro, Batoro, Karamojong and Europeans.


EXCHANGE RATE; UGX 2350 per US dollar (2011).

HISTORY: Uganda gained independence from Britain in 1962, maintaining its commonwealth membership.

INDUSTRIES: Cotton, coffee, tea, sugar , tobacco and textiles.

GEOGRAPHY: Uganda is landlocked. The south of the country includes a substantial portion of lake Victoria.

LANGUAGES: the official language is English, although many other languages are spoken in Uganda.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: 1 JANUARY, 26 january ( liberation day), 8 march( international women’s day), good Friday, easter Monday, 1 may ( labour’s day), 3 june( martyrs day), 9 june ( national heroes day), 30 august ( eid-al-fitr/ end of ramathan ), 9 october (independence day), 6 november ( Eid-al-Adha/ Feast of the sacrifice), 25 december (Christmas day), 26 december ( Boxing day).

POPULATION: 33.8 million ( 2009 estimate)



RELIGIONS: Christian 84%, muslim 12%, other 1%,none 0.7% ( 2002 cencus)

TOPOGRAPHY: The greater part of Uganda consists of a plateau. Along the western border are the Rwenzori mountains. The eastern frontier is dominated by mount Elgon, while the western rift valley runs from north to south through the western half of the country.