Postal services are fairly well organized in Uganda and you should have no problem sending or receiving letters. International call facilities as well as fax facilities exist at the main Post Office and in many Secretarial bureaus. Otherwise phone cards can be bought and used in public pay phones. Direct dialing to neighboring countries requires 2 sets of numbers: first the city code then the number. International calls require 4 sets of numbers: first the international prefix, then the country code, the city code, and the number. The IDD code for Uganda is +256. Within East Africa, the Uganda code is 006. International telephone communication is very good from Kampala. From some upcountry areas it is more difficult. The mobile telephone network is good and rapidly expanding. A European or American mobile phone with a roaming agreement works in Uganda.  Some Camps and lodges up country can be accessed by two-way radio communication.
There are Email and Internet access services in Kampala, Entebbe and in some towns upcountry.