Credit Cards and Money Transfers

Credit Cards, Money Transfers and Travellers Cheques in Uganda

A few banks in Uganda extend this service (Credit cards) to their customers. Barclays bank on Kampala Rd provides you with pounds sterling or dollars with a limit of US$700 per day but note that this comes with charges of about US$25. It is cheaper to obtain local currency from the 24 hour Visa and MasterCard  enabled ATMs outside Barclays Bank (Kampala Rd, tel: +256 (0)312 218100). Specific hotels can also offer a small cash advance on your card only if you are staying there. Note that Credit cards are more welcome in the city centres compared outside.

Money Transfers

A family member, friend, relative, can send you money safely across borders using Western Union, Xpress money or Money Gram.  It is good for emergency purposes as a takes a really short time to the money in Ugandan shillings right in your hands through an agent. All the money sent is received just as it is sent only that the person who sends the money pays the commission fee separately. Branches are found in Kampala, Entebbe and other towns in Uganda. Xpress Money has numerous London outlets and it is rather cheaper.

Travellers’ Cheques

These cheques are recommended for travelers who are bringing a bulk of money to Africa as they can be refunded in case they get lost.

It also advisable to change the cheque form Kampala as the rest of options for changing outside the city are limited. Travelers cheques in Uganda are accepted by or can be cashed at Metropolitan Forex Bureau ( Metropol house 8-10 Enttebe Rd), tel. +256 (0)414 232620).