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Nkokonjeru Tombs, Mbarara, Uganda

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Just like any culture within Uganda or any part of Africa, the Ankole Kingdom has several areas set aside as grave yards or cemeteries. This site is not just a grave site but a cultural and historical site in Ankole Kingdom. This particular site is exceptional because it was where… Read more »

Fort Portal-Kasese Road

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Karambi Tombs are one of the must visit attractions within Tooro Kingdom and Fortportal Town in general. This cultural and historical site is where you will get to learn about the history of Toro and how the once big kingdom came to separate into Tooro and Bunyoro Kingdoms. The Karambi… Read more »

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Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

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Location: Acholi Land (Gulu) Distance from Kampala: 332 Top Attractions: Acholi art, Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00 Useful Contacts: +256 (0) 471 440 199 |+256 (0) 440 200 The Museum of Acholi was opened to the public on 9th October 2011 and was founded Art for Community Development (AFOCOD) in… Read more »

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Musambwa Islands, Kyotera, Central Region, Uganda

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The Eco tourism site is located in Rakai District, 45km from Buyambi just before Kyotera or Kalisizo town southwestern Uganda. Off the highway to Malembo Landing site which is about one hour’s ride to the site by boat. The Island: The Musambwa islands are three small islands on Lake Victoria… Read more »

Mabamba Swamp, Busiro, Central Region, Uganda

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Category: Attractions Location: Wakiso District. Kasanje Sub-county Activities: Birdwatching, Fishing, community visits, Horticulture Top Attraction: Birdwatching Website: Bird species:Shoebill, Blue Swallow, Papyrus Yellow Warbler Mabamba Swamp (Mabamba Bay wetland syatem) lies about 40 Kilometres from Entebbe, about 1 hour drive. This swamp is the perfect spot in Uganda for… Read more »