Arua Town

Arua is the largest a town in far northwest of Uganda and it covers an area of 7830km2. The town is an important commercial centre and a base for relief efforts to the refugee population from Southern Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo which is just 10km away.

Quick Facts
Category: Cities & Towns
Nearest Airport: Arua Airport
Commerce: West Nile distillers, Tobacco growing, Cross border Trade
Distance from Kampala: 523kms | 8 hour drive
Nearest Towns: 10km from DRC & about 1hour from Southern Sudan
Tourist Attractions: Murchison Falls National Park, River Nile
Population: 53,000

Arua was the capital of the former West Nile province which consisted of present day Arua, Nebbi and Moyo districts however, with the breakup of the West Nile province in the 1970’s Arua town became the capital of Arua District.

Arua is a pleasant place with many facilities like town’s golf course, Banks, Supermarkets, Airport etc. The roads leading to this beautiful northen Uganda town feature scenic spots like, the River Nile- the longest river in the world, Murchison Falls National Park and Large scale Tobacco plantations.

Following peace restoration in Southern Sudan (New Sudan), Arua has increasingly become an important business centre and transport route, as the Yei–Juba road has opened up. Supplies come into Juba from the south than was traditionally from Khartoum – in the north


The Lugbara, is the dominant tribe in Arua District and are divided up into the different dialects of Vurra who come from Vurra County, Ayivu – Ayivu County, Madi – Madi-Okollo County.

Getting There & Away

Nile coach bus runs daily between Kampala & Arua, first bus leaves at 6am. Other bus companies which operate Kampala – Arua rout include; KK Travel, Gaaga Coaches etc and booking offices are located at Arua Park in Kampala. See the Guide2Uganda Bus page for Departure and contact numbers.

Scheduled flights between Entebbe & Arua Airports are operated by Eagle Air a private airline company. Inquiries on flights contact +256 414344292/ 414232185. Email

See useful contacts page on Guide2Uganda for Airline & charter companies.

Shopping/Internet/ Banks
Banks with internationally linked ATMs services are available around Arua town and foreign currency exchange can be done at Shumuk Forex Bureau (5 Ave Street next to Centenary Bank)

Internet cafés are scattered around town and well-stocked supermarkets are also available

Where to stay:
Arua has fine accommodation and recreation facilities. These include;

White Castle
Tel: 0372 260033, Mob: 0772 880830. E-mail;

Golden Courts. Tel: 0475 420170, Mob: 0772 466525.
Grilz. Tel: 0782 482974.
Heritage Courts. Tel: 0772 650917.
Heritage Bamboo. Tel: 0782 477973.
Heritage Park. Tel: 0774 158200.
Oasis Inn. Tel: 0372 273060.
Hotel Pacific. Tel: 0772 667314.