Gulu Town

Population: 396,500
Divisions: Gulu Munipality, Alero, Bobi, Acholi District.
Neighbouring Districts: Kitgum,Pader,Amuru,Lamwo,Lira, Oyam.
Distance from Kampala: 328km
Distance to Airport: Entebbe International Airport 255km

Gulu, the largestest town in northern Uganda, is located on the northern edge of the Murchison Falls   National Park, and many people pass through it on the way to either the Murchison Falls or Kidepo Valley National Park. If you have the time while passing through Gulu you might want to see Bakers Fort, which is located in Patiko, about 30km from Gulu. This was founded by Sir Samuel Baker in 1972 when he was Governor of Equatoria Province. It was built as a base from which to crush the slave trade and was later occupied by Gordon and Emin Pasha. These are said to be rock paintings at Samuel Baker’s camp.

Sleeping and eating

Achoil inn, T108. Run by Uganda Hotel and offering fairly good services, Hotel Roma, 16 Coronation Road, 250m from the bus park, very friendly but rather slow  service, basic but clean, self-contained rooms with fan but no nets. Breakfast available. Has a bar, satellite TV and a very noisy disco on Wednesdays, Church of Uganda Guesthouse, simple but sound, Luxor Lodge, opposite the lorry park.

Fairly basic, Gulu Sunset Hotel, 13-14 Lagara Road, +256 (0)772 523147, Hotel Pearl Afrique, 8 Paul Odong Road 0471-432055.


Air: There is an airstrip at Gulu (Gulu Airstrip), which is used by small aircraft. There are not scheduled flights to Gulu but there are charter flights from Entebbe.

Road: Gulu is 328km from Kampala and is accessible via Lira from the east and Masindi from the west. There are daily buses to Gulu.

A city that has suffered as much as Gulu can always use a helping hand.

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